Introducing Global Liberation

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Excerpt (paraphrasing) from Paul Hedderman’s talk, published on YouTube on July 5, 2015

When you find rest, rest
‘the abidance in truth’ – rest in that
I need do nothing.
There is plenty I’ve got to do as an action figure
But what I am needs do nothing
Put it to the test and see what happens
It will verify itself, if you stop trying to verify it to you.
It will verify itself through you (as action figure).

Because what is no-thing can express itself through this thing (mind-body)
we can intimate the no-thingness. That’s the joy of this place.

What’s always ‘so’ can seem not to be so here,
and we have the joy to realize it to be ‘so’ again.

Imagine that something has always been complete,
and that it can make up a story that it wasn’t complete…
There may be millions of stories about everything that appears incomplete,
but the greatest story would be finding itself to be complete again.
Something that is complete, can never be known (by thought)
It seemingly forgets so that it can know itself allover again.

It gives itself the one fruit (thought-based knowledge) it can never have as everything
by appearing to be separate in someone.
So now it can find itself in all the differentiation
and go back into the same undifferentiated ‘state’ that it always has been.
What a joy, what a beautiful thing.

That which is, being so ‘what is’, it came up with this (seeming separation)
so that it can believe in separation as if it has forgotten,
and then go through the pains, the sorrows and tribulations of forgetting,
and then come back into the realization of it.
And when it dawns, it is as if nothing ever happened.
– There was no longing, there was no missing out, you didn’t miss the bus 30 years ago –
As soon as it dawns on you, the quality of no-time is so apparent
that all those products of time have no meaning whatsoever.
The longing has no role in it. Because it is seen that nothing ever really happened.
That is how it feels. It has no relevance in it. None.
Because when it dawns on you it’s the only thing that has always been there.
This separation has never been so, it only appeared so. It can seem to be so,
but it can never be so.
We are the only thing that is.